Inspired by men’s style and created by two women, VOLK MEN brings a rugged, refined spin to time-honored craftsmanship and classic, purpose-driven design. Impeccably constructed, functional, and built to endure, the collection—from an original piece of artisanal jewelry to the perfect utilitarian bag—reflects an uncompromising, uniquely American integrity and pride, and a pared-down sensibility that infuses tradition with a touch of edge. 

volk [fɒlk] n

1. people 2. the people who form a nation 3. of or related to people 



Andrea Lord + Leila Bazzani

Andrea and Leila design for all people who, like themselves, are drawn to the stylish, functional aesthetic of men’s accessories. They bring more than two decades of collective experience, artistry, and dedication to VOLK MEN, all of which contribute to the uncompromising energy of the brand.

Andrea’s penchant for fashion, style, and all aspects of men’s grooming took root when she got her start as a stylist, working on fashion shoots, videos, and look books with visionaries such as Frank Chevalier and David LaChappelle. She went on to launch Son Of John, a popular women’s RTW line that sold at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Holt Renfrew. Now also a sought-after senior barber at NYC’s Fellow Barber, she divides her expertise between male grooming and fashion shoots. Raised on the West Coast, Andrea has lived in New York City for nearly a decade.

Leila’s gift for craftsmanship, creativity, and technical skill have been integral components throughout her career. A professional patternmaker and master seamstress, she inherited her talents for design, handiwork, and attention to detail from her father, a master craftsman and wood worker. She founded VOLK, a women’s handbag and accessories line that sold at Urban Outfitters as well as small specialty boutiques nationwide. Earlier in her career, touring the country as a traveling performer in her early twenties, she developed an enduring appreciation for small-town America and the hardworking, genuine people she met along the way. They continue to inspire her work every day.